Sustainable Forestry

When it comes to land management, long-term planning is the only sure way to meet your goals. Forest development takes years, often decades, and planning that development is crucial to success in achieving goals.  Our Forest Management Plans include a ten-year management period and make properties in Massachusetts eligible for Chapter 61/61A, the Forest Stewardship Program or both!

Chapter 61/61A in MA and other current-use programs are available to landowners who commit to sustainable forestry.  Resulting tax bills can be astonishingly lower. T. Jepson & Son has a licensed forester on staff who can guide you through the multitude of program options. Many forestland owners enroll in a current use tax program for their commitment to long-term forestry and for the appropriate tax assessment that follows.

Our Forest Management Plans include property descriptions, maps and recommendations for management. Plans can be enhanced even further to include wildlife and recreation through the Forest Stewardship Program and Green Certification. In addition to tax breaks, sustainable forestry and silviculture also provide wildlife habitat enhancements and periodic income through timber harvests.

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