Timber Harvesting

Timber harvesting and the management of forests provide the bulk of our work at T. Jepson & Son. Whether lightly thinning for development of forest stands or shelterwood harvesting for regeneration, our harvesting is done to silvicultural specifications and is second to none. Our operators are licensed and apply Best Management Practices throughout every project.

When designing harvests, our licensed forester is certain to provide you with options for management and will consider every concern you have for your land.  From snag retention and trail layout, we aim to incorporate your land use into our harvesting.  We offer whole-tree harvesting for removal of slash and tops, while also offering traditional harvesting with slash left onsite for decomposition and nutrient cycling.

We have worked for land trusts, private foresters, private landowners, state agencies, municipalities and sportsmen’s clubs. Our projects have ranged from straight-ahead timber management to complex habitat work.  Our clients find our prices favorable and project outcomes to fit their needs.

Consider your options and let us work together to provide the property you envision.