Planning for the next ten years

Chapter 61 recertifications are due in June.  That means Forest Management Plans for the next ten years need to be developed in the coming months for owners looking for current-use tax assessment.  Now is the time to consider harvesting options and the future of your land.  Many landowners, in the next ten years, will sell property, have timber harvested, create wildlife habitat, or look to build on their own property.  These factors should all be considered in developing plans for the next ten years.

Another consideration to make for those of us living in Massachusetts are the current and coming quarantines on the movement of certain species.  Around the Worcester area, many species are affected due to the Asian long-horned beetle quarantine.  In Berkshire County, a quarantine has recently been established to prevent the spread of the emerald ash borer; this quarantine may expand depending on future borer finds.

Making decisions for harvesting in the coming years should be planned now while markets are moving and quarantines are limited.

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